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Our Passion
For Delicious Food

Our Products

Pizza And Pinsa Bases

The doughs of our bases are characterized by a long leavening (minimum 48/72 hours), by a high hydration of the dough (80% of water), by the presence of sourdough and by the absence of animal fats. The use of extra virgin olive oil and our mix of exclusively Italian flours give our bases a truly unique flavor and taste.

Supplì e arancine

Rice croquettes stuffed with tomato sauce and mozzarella, in its typical preparation of Roman cuisine, or in its variant with ‘nduja DOP, directly from the Calabria region.

Typical Sicilian golden color balls, based on rice, breaded, stuffed with ragù, peas, or diced cooked ham and mozzarella.

Traditional Italian Recipes

Cooking products that give life to moments of joy and sharing is our first goal. To do this, we constantly develop new technologies to produce frozen dishes that retain all the aromas and flavors they have when they leave our kitchen. The use of the best products with exclusively bronze-drawn pasta make our dishes unique and inimitable.

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Our Vision

High Quality

We deliver to major countries the highest quality of traditional italian foods at a great value, you can find in your friendly restaurant or supermarket

Best Recipes

We use ingredients and preparation as you expect it for an Italian product; and even best tracking and storage technologies to enhance experience of final consumers

Real Taste

Doughs with selected wheat flours, or sauces prepared every day by traditional Italian regional recipes. A unique taste. We promote genuine products to bring, through selected wholesalers, Italian modern lifestyle into homes around the world